Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Story

Tyson and I met in our Biology class in 2002!! Tys was a Freshmen and I was a Sophmore. I had a crush on him the first time I layed my eyes on him. I thought he was so cute and so fun, but way too good for me! On the other side of the story though, Tys wasn't very fond of the waivy haired, four eyed, brace faced girl that I was. He thought I was a little too blonde and loud. (you can even ask him..he will admit it!) Anyways, we went through the school year as just "classmates" but I still had a thing for him. It was crazy how our paths kept bumping into eachother the following Summer. (even at EFY San Diego!) We eventually had mutual friends which forced us to hang out with eachother.

Tyson was in a terrible accident in April of 2004, where he hit his head and couldn't remember anything. I always tell Tys, that was the only way Heavenly Father could get him to like me!! Because immediately following the accident, all of the sudden, Tyson liked me back! To make a very long story short, we fell in love.

I graduated from High School and Tys was still in school. That year because of certain circumstances, I stayed home and attended UNLV and it was truely one of the most wonderful years of life! Tys and I were able to spend so much time together and make memories that would last forever.

It was soon time for Tys to graduate from High School, and after that he went to BYU. I thought that the long distance relationship thing was going to be so terrible, but really it only prepared me for these 2 years that we are apart. Tyson loved BYU and had a great time, and I continued to succeed in my schooling and career. In August of 2006 Tys got his mission call to serve in the Phnom Penh Cambodia Mission. It truly has been the most amazing experience in my life and even though I really hate it sometimes because I miss him so much, I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to be "waiting."

Many people thought I wouldn't make it the whole two years, but it pretty much has been my favorite thing proving them all wrong! :) Yay..I love my Tyson Hunter!