Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So... the last time we were on this special blog was like last year, and now that we are OFFICIALLY married, we figured we could actually become a part of blogging. We got married November 29, 2008 and absolutely LOVE our life! It is so much fun and even better than we imagined. My last post on this was about how much I missed Tyson and how I couldnt wait until he was home.. and now he has been home for like 9 months!! and on Friday we will be celebrating our 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY! So excited. Anyways, I guess I just have to play catch up for a little while....
We began our OFFICIAL journey as the DAVIS'S on November 29,2008 in the Las Vegas Temple. It was amazing to finally be sealed to my best friend! Especially because it feels like I waited for that moment for centuries! It was seriously the best day of our life. The temple was incredible. So many friends and family were there to support which was of course amazing. We had our reception at Loews Lake Las Vegas, where I worked at the moment. These are just a few pictures of that special day. It rocked.

I promise I will update this more often starting NOW. :) Tyson even said he is going to write on here sometimes too. So it will be a total couple effort. Marriage is bomb.