Saturday, March 24, 2012

A little UPDATE!

Time is flying by SO quickly! I cannot believe that it is already the end of March! We have been so busy with my sisters wedding, moving and work that I didn't even realize I hadn't blogged for a few weeks! Lexie's wedding was absolutely beautiful. I am so excited she is a married lady and that she gets to spend forever with Jonathan Fred. We love Jon and I am so excited he is my bro now! It was the windiest day of my life, but it made for amazing memories! It was so fun to have all of my family together and to celebrate their special day!
We found the cutest little house ever and we are spending a lot of our time packing! We officially move in next Saturday so our house is full of boxes, scissors and packaging tape. We have heard nothing but good things about the area and ward. We are so excited for our new adventure! This will be our 4th time moving in 4 years, so we are hoping this new place will be our official home for a few years. :)
I chopped off my hair for Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. I cut 12 inches off and donated about 9. Seriously, it is such a fun thing to do! It is hard to get use to short hair, but I think it is growing on me. Last time I chopped it off like this, I grew it out pretty quickly. It was super random - one morning I just woke up ready for a change! I am not sure why or what had gotten into me, but I needed to do it. Someone said I may have felt that way because of all this crazy baby stuff going on - and I think I agree with her! Cutting my hair was a way I was able to serve someone I didn't know AND to start fresh! I am excited to have a new haircut, in a new ward, with a new house and to start the process of implantation in a few months!!
It seemed like I was getting bad news after bad news with Dr. Shapiro. I really felt like I NEEDED some good news, and thankfully it came the past few weeks. We are SO blessed!

1. I do not have a tumor! My levels are so high still, so I could be prone to get a tumor in the future, but at this time they didn't see anything. It was such a relief and we feel so blessed. I have several more tests planned to see what might be causing the level imbalance, but the MRI coming back negative was a huge relief.

2. My surgery 2 weeks ago was flawless! Recovery was a million times better than last time. They were able to remove 2 cysts from my uterus and everything is heeling properly. I was nervous about being put under again since last time it went so horribly, but it went so well and I was able to go to work the NEXT day! Amazing.

3. I am super anemic still and Dr. Shapiro will not implant until my levels begin to increase. He said his goal is to have a healthy mom and a healthy baby...and without a healthy mom, there can't be a healthy baby. SO he is workin on me. I am on several vitamins already, but as of today he prescribed another for me. I met with him yesterday in his office and we went through everything thus far. He was so surprised with everything that we have had to go through. He mentioned the fact that when I walked into his office for the first time, I looked like a healthy, easy-to-get pregnant girl... but I tricked him. He agreed with me that so many things have popped up and advised me that all he is trying to do is get me to be healthy. Pregnancy takes a toll on people's bodies and he doesn't want me to begin the pregnancy sick, because the baby will either not make it or I would be on bed rest for 8 months. Both of those situations do NOT sound appealing, so I told him I will continue to have patience and will wait until he thinks my body is good to go! It will definitely be a few more months until implantation, but hey! We have 30 little babies in the freezer waiting for us, so I feel good!

4. My anemia was so bad, that my kidney's started to become effected by it. Not enough blood was getting to them so they were slowing down. Luckily, after a few pills - my kidney function increased and they are good!

The process continues, but we still feel like we are being watched over so carefully. I am grateful that the doctor is being so cautious and waiting until I am 100% healthy before he implants. It of course is discouraging and frustrating, but I would much rather wait and have the most perfect and healthy baby, then just jump into it and not be sure what is to come.

I was talking to a friend the other day who is going through a trial...much worse than mine. Her positive attitude and testimony strengthened me so much. We cried together about what she is going through and as I walked away, I stood alone for a minute thinking about her. I realized that Heavenly Father does not give us any trial that we cannot go through. I know that I am going through this because He knows that I can handle it and she is going through her trial, because He knows she can handle it. I am SO lucky to have so many amazing people in my life!! I love you... you know who you are :)

"With celestial sight, trials impossible to change become possible to endure."
--Russell M. Nelson,