Friday, May 25, 2012

Never Alone

I am having a hard time today figuring out what I should write. I seriously have had so many mixed emotions the past few weeks, it is hard to put my thoughts on paper. Normally when I start a post, I have an idea of what I am going to write and how I am going to present it, but honestly I am just typing away so I apologize if this ends up being a lot of information and a lot of different feelings in one post. 

Tyson and I have been so busy lately! It has been nice to have things distract my mind from our fertility treatments. I never realized how long of a process InVitro was going to be for us. I know someone who read my blog, went to Dr. Shapiro for treatments and is already pregnant - And here we are still on this crazy adventure! It is so weird that on average IVF takes a woman 2 months to get pregnant and we are on our way into month 7 with Dr. Shapiro. Don't get me wrong, time is flying! It is just frustrating sometimes to know that my process is taking much longer than the "average." I have never really been average when it comes to things like this, so I should have known this was going to be the case. All I know is I am so excited to implant and I REALLY hope that day is soon! We are shooting for August, but will definitely keep everyone posted. :) 


1. Every night at 6:55pm my alarm goes off. We call it our Booty Call alarm to make it fun - but really it means SHOT time. I have been doing daily shots for a few months now and I wish I could say I am use to it. Every time that needle goes in, I STILL have that natural instinct to flench... even though I know exactly how it feels and that it is coming. This may sound weird, but I feel like my shots have brought Tyson and I closer together. EVERY single night, we are required to be together at 7pm. No matter where we are or what is going on that day, we do my shot. It is pretty funny to see all of the random places we end up being at 7pm at night. We have done them at the bowling alley, at our friends and families houses, we have done them at our little sister and nieces dance recital and even at the temple. I am grateful that Tyson is SO brave and he doesn't mind doing it for me. There is NO way I could do it myself! I am so grateful for modern medicine. I think I say this in every post, but it is true. I know that without these shots, having a baby would not even be an option for us! What a blessing it is every night to have that medicine go into my body. 

2. I feel like when we go through trials, it is SO important to have someone by your side!! Whether it be a friend or spouse, a mom or dad, maybe a teacher or leader... someone! Tyson is literally my rock. He is constantly staying positive and doing everything in his power to make me feel better about any situation. He is probably the only person that can make me truly laugh when I am crying. He gives me the best and most meaningful hugs when he knows I need to know someone cares. He listens to my stories and my complaints. He cooks us dinner almost every night when I am not feeling well and cleans the house. You could say he is a better wife then me and I wouldn't argue! He gives me the best foot massages when I don't feel like doing anything and he somehow finds time to go to school full time and work full time. He is the perfect example for me when it comes to scripture study and he knows they are true. Because of the scriptures, we have been able to overcome what I thought was, the impossible, and I owe this to Tyson. I love that he is the man of our home and I love that if I have to go through this trial of having a baby, that I get to do it with him!
3. Tyson and I have been to the temple 2 times in one week and I cannot tell you how blessed we feel. I love the temple. I love looking at it. I love being inside it. I love the spirit that is there. I love what I learn there. I love to pray there. I have just gained a stronger testimony of the temple and I am so excited about it! I know that as we go through trials and turn to our Heavenly Father that he answers our prayers. And I know that we feel and see his answers when we are in the right places. I want to go to the temple every week now, to feel the spirit that is there and to feel my Savior's love. I love that when we go through trials, no matter what our faith is - that we are never alone! I love that we are always in His watchful care and it is mostly through our trials when He carries us. 

I am stoked to continue on with this special experience in life! I love knowing every day that we are that much closer to having a baby come into our home and for that I am so excited!! 

"I know that God is our Father, that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, and that They have provided a way so that we need never be alone." - Sheri L. Dew