Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The tickets.
Panda is my FAVORITE place ever. Just the beginning of a perfect night!

Outside the theater!
The Playbill.
After the show... we tried to get the stage in the back. Our seats were PERFECT!
One thing I LOVE about working in the hotel industry is the awesome hook ups we are sometimes blessed with! We have gotten free suites, discounts at restaurants, tickets to shows, and of course the list goes on. The other day my boss hooked us up with tickets to Jersey Boys and SERIOUSLY... it was amazing!! I had always heard that it was the best show in Vegas and I would say it is pretty close! My parents saw it in the beginning of this year and said it was so good, so ever since then I have been dying to see it! I loved the music!! I think I mostly loved it because it is the music that was in my house growing up. It was like totally the era of my parents! I sang the songs and just wanted to dance throughout the whole thing! The seats were in the middle section on the floor and about 10 rows back... priceless of course. Our favorite part was when we were walking out of the theater EVERYONE had like a walker or wheelchair with gray hair...we were TOTALLY the youngest ones in the whole theater! We loved it. I would totally see it again if the opportunity comes! WE LOVE JERSEY BOYS!!!


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you guys have so much fun! so jealous!

Sam and Erin said...

That is so fun! I would love to see that. That's awesome that your job has so many great perks! P.S. You did a really great job singing in church today! It was beautiful!