Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kayaking Day!

We had so much fun two Saturdays ago... we went kayaking down the Colorado River! I actually had never been, so it was something new and fun for us to do! Tyson normally goes with the boys, but this time he decided to let me tag along! We left at like 6am to get to the river around 7 and we were out there almost all day. It was so fun to be out in the sun and enjoy our friends! We went with Michael and Crystal.... two of the funnest people in life. We love being with them!! Normally we have game nights together so it was fun to get out and about with them and do something active! My father-in-law also joined us and rocked. He is very experienced in the kayaking field so he was always wayyyy ahead of us! Tyson was so strong and brave. He cliff jumped and did most of the paddling. My arms got tired pretty quickly, but I tried to be brave and not complain! :) We really hope to do it again soon!

The receipt was massive. Of course had to take a pic.

These are my massive flipper shoes. They were life changing.
Seriously so scared we were going to break this little cord!
The Howarths... Cuties!
Father in law looking like a little child in his boat.
We went on a little hike and the view was gorgeous!
Typical. Love.


Katrina said...

FUN times! Maybe when this baby is born and life gets back to normal you guys can take us here :)