Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The tickets.
Panda is my FAVORITE place ever. Just the beginning of a perfect night!

Outside the theater!
The Playbill.
After the show... we tried to get the stage in the back. Our seats were PERFECT!
One thing I LOVE about working in the hotel industry is the awesome hook ups we are sometimes blessed with! We have gotten free suites, discounts at restaurants, tickets to shows, and of course the list goes on. The other day my boss hooked us up with tickets to Jersey Boys and SERIOUSLY... it was amazing!! I had always heard that it was the best show in Vegas and I would say it is pretty close! My parents saw it in the beginning of this year and said it was so good, so ever since then I have been dying to see it! I loved the music!! I think I mostly loved it because it is the music that was in my house growing up. It was like totally the era of my parents! I sang the songs and just wanted to dance throughout the whole thing! The seats were in the middle section on the floor and about 10 rows back... priceless of course. Our favorite part was when we were walking out of the theater EVERYONE had like a walker or wheelchair with gray hair...we were TOTALLY the youngest ones in the whole theater! We loved it. I would totally see it again if the opportunity comes! WE LOVE JERSEY BOYS!!!

Kayaking Day!

We had so much fun two Saturdays ago... we went kayaking down the Colorado River! I actually had never been, so it was something new and fun for us to do! Tyson normally goes with the boys, but this time he decided to let me tag along! We left at like 6am to get to the river around 7 and we were out there almost all day. It was so fun to be out in the sun and enjoy our friends! We went with Michael and Crystal.... two of the funnest people in life. We love being with them!! Normally we have game nights together so it was fun to get out and about with them and do something active! My father-in-law also joined us and rocked. He is very experienced in the kayaking field so he was always wayyyy ahead of us! Tyson was so strong and brave. He cliff jumped and did most of the paddling. My arms got tired pretty quickly, but I tried to be brave and not complain! :) We really hope to do it again soon!

The receipt was massive. Of course had to take a pic.

These are my massive flipper shoes. They were life changing.
Seriously so scared we were going to break this little cord!
The Howarths... Cuties!
Father in law looking like a little child in his boat.
We went on a little hike and the view was gorgeous!
Typical. Love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Golf Date.... didn't last long.

We have been really slacking on date night lately. We either are out of town or with friends slash we decided that we would try to get back into going on dates every Friday night. Well, I planned this one and thought it would be fun since it was kind of like a celebration of Tyson being out of school for a few weeks, that we would do two of his favorite things to do. Eat at Fudruckers and Golf! Tyson loves Fudds... in fact I think he would go there every day if it was possible. Of course it was delish and then we made our way to the Golf course. We went to Callaway because it is (a) cheap and (b) one of the only night golfing places in town.

We were excited to be there because we have actually never really golfed a game together! We have hit balls here and there, but we never been on a course. Weird right? Well, we pay and get on our merry little way and around the third hole I noticed this old lady in her sweet little golf cart watching us. I told Tyson of my concern and he was like we kept going. Soon after that, we were on our fourth hole when I noticed her again, but this time she was parked. Watching us. I was a little creeped out. When we got up to our cart, she says "And how are you folks tonight?"... We said good of course...and then she got SO mean!! She went on to tell us that I was not allowed to be golfing because I did not have my own set of clubs. (We were never told this little fact before ..) Tyson explained to her pretty calmly that I was just shootin around and not really playing a game so it shouldn't be an issue and also that we never heard about this rule and we would have brought another set of clubs if we were aware, you know? She got so fiesty with us and told us that I wasn't allowed to play and I had to sit in the cart the rest of the time, so Tyson stood up for me of course (angel) and told her we wanted a refund because we weren't treated that great by her customer service. She said that wasn't possible, so we got in the cart and drove up to her boss's clubhouse, where we explained the situation to him. He offered us a full refund, but we said half would be fine. Tyson said he would have felt dishonest if we got a full refund since we did get to play almost half the course.
I was so proud of Tyson! Like seriously... I think it was the first time I had ever seen him stand up for me to a stranger. He handled the situation like a MAN! Even though we only got to golf 4 holes, we still had a TON of fun and we will remember that date for a loooong time!

Monday, August 2, 2010

UTAH fans are nice too!

Tyson and I have absolutely loved living in my parents house for the past seven months or so! It is completely different living in a house vs. our one bedrooom apartment we lived in the first year of marriage! We have really learned that being a home owner is a ton of work! I use to be able to clean our whole apartment in about 3o minutes. (DEEP CLEAN TOO!) and I use to be able to vacuum the whole entire apartment by plugging in the vacuum by my front door and vacuum the whole place, including our bedroom, without unplugging it! LOL. Now, it takes me a whole day I feel like just to clean the downstairs of a house. For Tyson, he has had tons of fun learning how to be the handy man! He works in the yard pretty much every Saturday...mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, pulling weeds, chopping palm trees, fixing broked dish washers that his wife breaks, and the list goes on! He has done an amazing job and I am so proud of him!

Last Saturday, Tyson was working in the yard and trying to mow our lawn. It was about 110 degrees outside and like 9am in the morning! I went outside and he was just so gross and sweaty...I felt so bad! (it is moments like those that I am grateful to be a GIRL!) Anyways, it turned out that the lawn mower had died. He had been out there for about 20 minutes trying to fix it and it just wasn't happening. As soon as I walked out there, a man in a University of Utah shirt was walking towards us. Tyson is not a fan of Utah and is a die hard BYU fan. (of course.) He kept working and as the Ute fan got closer and we soon realized it was Brother Zwick from our ward. He lives just a few houses down and he had noticed Tyson struggling to get the mower to work! He came by and asked if he could help, and of course Tys denied. Not more than 2 minutes later, we look up the street and here comes Brother Zwick with his lawn mower ready to help. He not only brought us his mower...but he mowed the lawn for us!! I seriously was in awe. We love him and appreciate him so much!! Bro. Zwick reminded me that day that there are always opportunities to serve our neighbors and friends...we jus have to look around! I kind of feel bad, because it also made me realize that I have a lot to work on! I need to look around a little bit more and help those who need me!

We are so grateful for Brother Zwick's example and kindess. Even though Tyson thinks he should change his shirt next time he comes around my Dad's house...we couldn't be more grateful for what he did for us that day. I am sad that I didnt get a picture of Brother Zwick and Tys together... Tyson was wearing a BYU shirt and Brother Zwick was in a UTAH shirt. It would have been a great pic!